A game for Godot Wild Jam #18. 

Mouse to click, arrow keys to scroll.

Godot Engine Version: 3.2 Stable (Couldn't get latest to run right)

Unfortunately didn't have a ton of time during the jam to work on this, so only 2 of the 10 effects I wanted actually made it into the game. Submitting anyway because it's a full game-loop and I think it's still worth a play-through for the goofy jokes. 

Enjoy and thanks for playing!


Source Code
Plaguearism.zip 18 MB
Plaguearism_win.zip 15 MB
Plaguearism_linux.zip 17 MB


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I can't play it, the webplayer truncates the image, the .exe is missing the pck file, and using the source code the "click to start" doesn't work.

Deleted 1 year ago
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Okay! woopsies, can't believe I did that. Win and Linux builds should be fixed. Not sure what's up with the web player. Others have also said it cuts off the bottom, though it seems to work for me in all browsers both in-window and full-screen. 

Thanks for trying anyway! I appreciate you going as far as trying the source build. Wonder if I just neglected to push a commit......

yeeeeup thats exactly what happened. Should be fixed now. Thanks again!