As the last surviving member of [REDACTED] you are hereby tasked with the following mission:

The alien threat has destroyed or commandeered all but one remaining U.B.C.S. (Unmanned Battlecruiser Class Starship). We are confident that this ship can hold off the ongoing invasion, but our opponents are already working to defeat our connection to the cruiser and control it for themselves.

If the connection is lost, Earth is theirs.

### Keep it alive.

## Instructions (also available in-game)
* Drag a connection card from your hand (bottom) to an empty slot to play it. Played cards will remove adjacent opposing cards in the direction(s) indicated. You must play 2 cards per turn. Your opponent will play 3.
* Your opponent's connection cards will disable a slot until you next play a card in it. If all 4 slots in a lane are disabled, that connection will be lost (out of play) permanently. If 2 of the 5 lanes are lost, the game ends in defeat. If a full-board state is reached and you have more active connections than your opponent, you win.
* Keep 4 of the 5 connections (vertical lanes) active until the turn limit is reached to win the game.

## About
*Connection* is my first solo gamejam submission. All art/music/sounds/code are my own. As such I very much appreciate any and all feedback no matter how harsh or "constructive," so lemme have it.

### Tools
* Godot Engine
* Paint.NET
* Ableton Live

#### Note
* If you use Brave Browser, you'll need to go 'shields down' on the itch page for the game to load. I'll upload native versions at the deadline.


connection.linux.zip 38 MB
connection.mac.zip 28 MB
connection.win.zip 26 MB
connection.android.apk 36 MB


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This is a really fun, addictive game! Very well done, I could see playing this game a lot, and there was some great tension as the board slowly went more and more the AI's way.