Don't Die, Dumpstercat!

Here in a city quite like all the others… there lives a dumpster cat.

Her name is Taki.

Taki of House Dumpster is just a lonely cat trying to navigate a cruel, chaotic city. She wanders the streets in search of shelter, snax, a place to warmly loaf, and most of all, companionship.

But be careful out there, brave cat! There are foes aplenty and only but a few furiends. Her foes are furmidable and may take a toll.

If she fears she is not strong enough to make it through the streets on her own, there are mystic cat ways of seeking help.

She may purchase a few pawers to help her on her journeys. But know this, small cat. The cost is high... The highest any cat could hope to pay.

She must pay it with her lives.

Like any cat, she entered this world with nine lives. To help her on her journeys, she can use these lives to purchase pawerful advantages against her street foes. But beware! It may take more than one life to survive the alleys of this treacherous city.

The bargain is yours to make. Guide her well.

This game was made by:

Brogrammer in Chief: Justin Wash

Cat Mechanics Engineer/Pigeon Resarcher: Emilio Navarro

Master of Tedium/Cat Pun Supervisor: Aubrey Byron

Rocket Cat Photographer: Bridget Cromien

Assistant Vice Principal of Beeps and Boops: Charlie Nowell

Made for Ludum Dare 44.

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