Minotaur Mania!

Bastard of man and bull, you’ve been exiled to a remote labyrinth in Crete. A freak, a menace, an outcast. Your appearance may seem bestial, but your heart ...is human.
The Gods have shown mercy, giving you the chance to reclaim your humanity by consuming the sacrifices and heroes tossed before you. But even more, the chance to reign over the very people that made you an outcast...

How To Play

> Arrow keys - Move yourself toward those sacrificed to your labyrinth.
> Z - Swing your giant frickin' axe at 'em.
> Consume all the sacrifices sent into your labyrinth before they escape!


Science aka I Lei down aka Auron - Slave driver, player, game-state code
Mustache aka Yung Crisis aka Bazooka Jo - Mustache possession, sacrifice generation code
Bryan aka Brian - The idea, collision code
E-muy-lio Gordo aka Google Spy aka hoka hola - JS knowledge, sacrifice base code
Snake nazty aka the CHUCK "the snake" DIESEL - Story, level creation
BEEF BOI aka Sir Loinz aka Big Body Gotti - Cover art, sprites
Luigi Mane aka Ric Schneeds - Sound fx, music

Vladi Pu aka Google Fi Bot aka Feng gang and
Zvechnovovich aka Hard bass adidas - Moral support

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