Punch Dads

Don't get punched and fall off! (tm)

How To Play

To win: 

> Drop your opponent's health to zero twice,


> Knock your opponent off the platform twice


Player 1: 

> Arrow keys - Move

> N - Basic attack

> M - Special attack

Player 2:

> ESDF - Move

> Tab - Basic Attack

> Q  -  Special Attack

Both Players:

> Hold direction away from enemy attack - Block

> Double-tap a direction - Dash

> Hold a direction while performing a special attack - Aim

A Note

This game is very early, will probably be re-written several times over, moved off of the Pico-8 platform, thrown in the garbage and forgotten for months, etc etc as well as just in general buggy and unstable. 

But I do hope to finish it eventually, and I hope you and your friends enjoy it. Thanks for playing.

Development log

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