Wicked Wanderings is a top-down foraging game. Start with nothing, find ingredients and unlock recipes to make exciting potions, then sell those potions to the townsfolk. What will it take to make your first $1000?

Controls and Information

Arrow keys - Move up/left/down/right

E - Interact: Add item to inventory, drop held item into cauldron, sell item to townsperson, continue dialog

Tab - Open/close inventory

L-Click - Select item in inventory

Double-Click - Carry selected item in-hand (then [E] sell it or cook up a potion with it)


Engine - Godot Engine 3.1.1

Art - Aseprite/Piskel

Music - Ableton live


NWash57 - Code, Inventory and crafting

Trifectuh - Code, Project pre-work, Dialog and map

Polkadotbot - Art, direction, cute lil' witch houses

TheDecider - Code, Ingredient generation, Inventory

ChuckD - Music and sound effects

Eric Schneider - Character art, tileset art

Previous games

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Development log

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